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A Class Divided Cover E Book 2 JPG 4-1-2
A Class Divided

School is in session for Ms. Owl’s class. Freddy the Fox is new to school and, because he is different, is being ignored and discriminated against by the others. One by one his fellow students come to understand that being different is not a bad thing and instead of being ignored and discriminated against, we should accept everyone for who they are.

A Class Divided tackles one of the most important issues our child will face as they grow. This book teaches the power of empathy and shows us all just how much alike we really are deep down inside.


A Class Divided explores the concept of racism in a unique and entertaining way children will enjoy. Filled with gorgeous illustrations, we follow the journey of newcomer Freddy Fox as he starts his first day in a new school. The other students must go from viewing him for his differences to seeing him as one of their own and, eventually, a friend.