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A Class Divided

A Story About Racism
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There is so much racism and hatred around that the authors of “A Class Divided: A Story About Racism” decided it had to stop.


Summer Bishop (Little Sami) and her parents knew there wasn’t a lot they could do to actually stop it. Their only hope was to try to get people to see that it was wrong.


People can’t control how they are born. We are all different in many ways. But we are more alike than we are different.  Our differences is what makes this country great. So they came up with the idea for a story that kids could understand and relate to, something that would make it easy to understand why racism is wrong.


“A Class Divided” is the first book in The Kids Empathy series that we hope will bring more kids to be empathetic of others. We hope you like this book and the others to come.


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I love this book! It should be in every classroom.
I can't wait to promote it on my podcast! 

I am looking forward to interviewing Pat Bishop on Chatting with Betsy!

Betsy E Wurzel

Host of Chatting with Betsy on PWTR

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